Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have an issue with people who can't properly use crosswalks.

I have been running around a lot this week for the charity I am organizing (hence the lack of a blog post until now). This includes a lot of driving around campus. I know a lot of university campuses aren't super car friendly. This one is the same. The other day I happened to be trying to find a parking space and it was during class change. There were people EVERYWHERE. To get to where I needed to go I had to make two left turns through two intersections so in total four crosswalks. This shouldn't have been a big deal, but people didn't seem to get the concept of a crosswalk.

People were crossing before the cross walk, in the middle of the road, through the cross walk on a diagonal, and crossing in groups of 20. And the worst part was once it seemed clear, the last straggler would decide to hustle just enough so that I couldn't get through. It was like the opposite of Frogger.

I would classify people into crosswalker catergories:
1. The sneaky crosswalker.
This person decides to cross about 5ft away from the cross walk. This is particularly disconcerting if you are trying to make a right turn, you think the coast is clear and then WHOA there is a person.

2. The slow crosswalker
We all know these people the ones who shuffle across a crosswalk chatting on their cellphone, or talking with a general just taking their time. If they seem to be injured or elderly or have a gaggle of children with them than the slow crosswalker is acceptable.

3. The surprise crosswalker
The ones who at the last minute decide to change direction and actually cross in front of you. These people are particularly surprising at crosswalks  that are not at major interchanges. They cause drivers to react quickly and slam on the breaks and have a minor panic (drivers in general, not me I swear).

4. The non-crosswalkers
These people have no regard for the crosswalk at all.  These are the most annoying and dangerous of crosswalkers. They jump in front of traffic, cross when the light is red, cross on the diagonal and so forth. Drivers hate them, and other pedestrians are amazed that they are still alive.

5. The rushing crosswalker.
This person is most common at lighted intersections, they will wait until they see the opposing traffic light turn yellow and then they book it across the street, before the walk sign has any inclination to light up. Unfortunately in a group of people (especially early in the morning) the rushing crosswalker can get the entire group to cross before the light changes without even realizing it. They run the risk of being intercepted by another similar category of people: the rushing drivers, trying to fly through the yellow light.

6. The correct crosswalker.
These people are few and far between. They wait patiently to cross when it is their turn. They cross within the crosswalk lines. They may even stop on a curb and let a driver go through the intersection if it is busy. If they are blocking traffic, they quickly make their way across the cross walk. To the correct crosswalkers of the world...I love you all.

Those are my categories, can anyone else think of any categories that I missed? Comment away :)

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