Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In my first post I listed my things that I want to do on my free time. The first was going to the gym 5 days a week. That week I made it 3 times, and last week I made it 4 times. This week I am going to five. I started yesterday by going to a noon yoga class (I learned my lesson from last week and made sure to fit my gym in before 8:30pm).

I have been to yoga a handful of times. I am probably the least flexible person in the world, but I do enjoy yoga, I try my best! I have a weird hip thing where I can't sit cross legged, which can be a hindrance in yoga (but not much else in the world). I also enjoy how it is a class that eases me back into working out from a weekend break...it warms me up for the week. There is one specific yoga class I go to that I really like where the woman is just new-earthy enough to make it seem authentic, but is also realistic with the moves and the class's dedication to the art/spirit of yoga.

So I headed off to a different yoga class this Monday. I arrived early (shocker) and got into the room.  Everyone who was also early was in child's pose or in the "lay down asleep" pose. I sat patiently in an awkward pose since I can't do the cross leg thing and didn't feel like being all yogiey. So the instructor comes in and he welcomes us all in a hippie breathy way. And then proceeds to do the most intense yoga class ever. He was way into the exact right posture and moving people around and working individually if you needed to be pushed more..think Kristen Wigg as the yoga instructor in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but a man. I hated it!

Then came my favorite/least favorite part of yoga..the end of class where everyone lies very still and lets go of their body and mind and meditates..blech. If I had a stressful day, or if the class is in the evening I love this part, however I wasn't in the mood to let my mind/body go at lunch time when I still had the day ahead of me. So we are lying there and the instructor dude is telling us to relax our legs and arms, and then our shoulders and then our bodies and finally..our brains...and instead I was thinking about applying for jobs and my future apartment, because that is how I roll...but then suddenly a thought came into my head:
"Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone started singing right now" and the song that popped into my mind was this:


I almost laughed..out loud..in quiet-mind-letting-go time. I would have been shunned by crazy yoga man.

I will not be returning to that class fyi.

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  1. That man is a creeper. He's also been v. mean to me about towels at the gym.