Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numero Uno

Hi there world! Welcome to my blog.
First of all, Happy new year. I know I am about 11 days late, but today was the first day that I have started to do nothing. For me, it is day one. I have been travelling for the past week or so, so it didn't seem right to start my blog on the run. I wanted it to start authentically, with me actually having nothing to do, living my new life as normally as possible.

Nothing to do is a deceptive term. I actually have a to-do list, which I guess is cheating. I think it would be impossible for be to completely shut down and relax. My free time will consist of me doing the following things:
going to the gym 5 days a week
cooking delicious food
organizing and deep cleaning my apartment
finding a job
writing this blog

Also I am organizing a charity event for the first week of February, which to most probably doesn't seem like a "free-time" thing to do, but compared to the past year of my life it is a relatively stress free activity.

I also want to read more. This is a hobby I gave up during school, but I still love doing it. In the past week I read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen details how she realized she had a great life and was happy, but wasn't as happy as she felt she could be. Through a year of resolutions and lessons she learned a lot, became happier and I hope to apply some of what she learned to my life! I particularly enjoyed the chapter where she highlights her de-cluttering strategies.  I highly recommend this book!

I also am going to do something fun from magazines. I have noticed that magazines often have "30 days to a new you" "10 days to change your life" etc. so I want to try completing some of these lists. Martha Stewart's tip of the day may also surface.

It is quite strange to be in the same city as my school, with my roommates, boyfriend and most of my friends still in school (due to different programs). It makes me feel a little guilty about this free time. I walked past my school today and automatically felt like I should get back to work on my major final project. I guess with time, that feeling will wear off. And for a distraction, I have all those "free time" things to keep me busy.

On the next post...I start my week of Holiday detox from Chatelaine meal plans, and discover a new species growing in my kitchen (told you I was deep cleaning).

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