Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Addiction

I have an is called Saturday TV.  Even during school I would take Saturdays as my break day and sink into an afternoon (and evening) filled of Real Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker, Project Runway and more. Yes my vice is Slice, with TLC coming in at a close second. Yesterday was no exception. Here is the breakdown:

Show 1: Millonaire Matchmaker
Premise: Matchmaker sets up millionaires (I know, huge shocker).
My take: Yesterday, I caught  the end one of the new ones. This show was replaying like 2 episodes FOREVER so I was super pumped. The actual "plot" involved 2 brothers aka the Italian Stallions. They both chose the standard typecast chicky for their dates. Brother one took his date to Medieval times dinner theater. Matchmaker was not impressed with his dating savvy. Brother two took his date on a sailboat and to a fancy restaurant. Brother 2 wins a second date.

Show 2: Bethenny Getting Married
Premise: The show follows Bethany   Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives of New York and her life during pregnancy/planning her wedding/writing her billionth food book. Bethany is a "skinny girl" chef who writes such cookbook classics as: "Naturally Thin, Unleash Your SkinnyGirl" and "The SkinnyGirl Dish."
My take: Yes I realize this show is a spinoff of a spinoff, and Bethenny is pretentious in everything she does (including the spelling of her name as per my roomie), but I get such pleasure watching the lives of the rich and pseudo-famous. Highlights from yesterday's sode: 1. Goes to make her wedding registry and tells the helper guy that if anyone buys her the 5 dollar napkin ring they aren't allowed to come the wedding. 2. Her 20 something assistant asks her if people of her generation grind at weddings..she is 40. Her reaction is hilarious. 3. Her fabulous wedding planner in general. She goes to him 4 WEEKS before the wedding and expects miracles. So glad I am not him.

Show 3/4. Real Housewives of DC/Orange County
Premise: The "true lives" of rich peeps from respective places (other locals include Atlanta and NYC and New Jersey). They rotate new episodes on slice so there are a lot of repeats.
My take: Orange county was an old one where they all get into a big fight. Wait that is every episode. To shake off the memory of this particular fight, one of the girls has a tanning party with her bffs and the other plans mother daughter plastic surgery! Hurray! Everyone is smiling in the end. DC was interesting as it showed the behind the scenes story of when that couple "crashed" the state dinner last year. The best part was the other housewives and the gay stylist watching the trial and picking and critiquing the couple to pieces. Sooo Mean Girls.

Show 5. Project Runway
Premise: Designers compete for fame and fortune by completeing design challenges
My take: this show is actually fabulous and isn't comparable to the other ones. I'll leave it at that. Make it work.

Yesterday I even went a step further and watched some TLC in the evening, and the MISS AMERICA PAGENT ZOMG. The girls who got as far as the talent were actually amazing so that part was fun, the rest not so much. Some of the self introductions at the beginning were hilarious. I was trying to find some of the highlights online, but no luck!

So that was my day of mind sucking television. I also organized my computer files and photos which was semi productive. The benefit of Saturday TV is that it is great background noise for doing things like cleaning or organizing. Just entertaining enough to keep me slightly interested, but doesn't completely distract me. Unless there is an actually fight (ala Housewives of New Jersey), then I am completely focused on the TV!

Completely off topic: Yo Jenna I feel ya dawg.

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