Monday, January 17, 2011

Running Late

As mentioned in my "Busy Day?" post I am sometimes doing things on the fly. This made sense when I had a million other things to do, but now that I do have free time I really have no excuse.

Last Thursday because of my mishap with the Quinoa, I was late for Aqua 10 minutes late. It makes me feel bad for the instructor and bad for my friend who I was meeting there. It also meant that I was in the deeper part of the shallow end, and being 5'-2" made that a challenging work out!

Tonight was the same story. I really wanted to stick with my goal of going to the gym 5 times a week, and I am not a big fan of just going to the gym, I prefer the classes. For those who aren't familiar with classes at Goodlife Gym's, they put out this little sheet so you can sign up for the class, 15 minutes before the class starts. Sometimes the class fills up right away.

Because I wasn't in the mood earlier in the day, I had left the gym to the last minute. I found a 8:00pm yoga class 15 minutes from my apartment. I was planning on leaving at 7:30, to give me lots of time to sign up, set up and be relaxed for yoga.  I cleaned up supper, puttered around, and then got ready to go. I thought I was doing well for time. When I got in the car I looked at the clock and it was already 7:45. So I rushed over and got in the door of the gym at 8:00, but of course the class was already full. "Oh well" I thought, "I guess I will just run on the treadmill."  Then I realized, I hadn't brought my running shoes. I was prepared for yoga, not cardio. So instead of giving up, I went to the nearest Walmart bought a cheap pair of shoes and was back at the gym by 8:30. I did my thing and was home again at 10:00.

So for me wanting to stretch that last 15 minutes at home before leaving for the gym I ended up spending an extra 45 mins running around (and a new pair of shoes! Yay!). Super productive...not. Tomorrow I am going to the gym at 9:00 am and I will be 20 minutes early. I swear.

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