Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Onion

One of my things to do during my free time is to clean/organize my apartment. During the past 2 months me and the roomies were quite busy (exams, final projects, living at school for 18 hours a day), so cleaning was something that happened as a method of procrastination, quickly and only touching the surface. The apartment wasn't unlivable or anything, just needed some TLC. There was also a funky smell in the kitchen that I assumed was from the fridge, which scared me. 

Yesterday I started by rearranging some stuff in the kitchen. For the 2.5 years that I have lived here, the microwave was placed so that it took up most of the limited counter space. Cooking was a hassle and often the table became the counter space. It was something that in the hecticness I put up with, but was constantly annoyed with.  So yesterday was the day I moved the microwave. This became a domino effect that got me cleaning the kitchen. 

In the process, I cleaned out the drawer where the onions are kept (in an old desk, left over from previous tenants..yay student living!). A few sprouts here and there. No big deal, in the compost they went. However, there was still a lurking smell of rotten onion. I suddenly realized that the drawer below hadn't been opened in a while. I opened the drawer and two bags of onions were in there. One had sprouts at least 10 inches long on each onion. The other was barely recognizable as onions. I wish I had taken a picture (an idea of the monster from google here)  to post here, but my first priority was to get them in the garbage. In the garbage, double bagged they went, and I felt that I had conquered the beast.

As disgusting as it was I felt a real sense of accomplishment. I finally fixed something that annoyed me. This is something I want to continue during my free time. I have a really bad habit of putting things off that bother me, just living with something that doesn't work only because it takes a little effort to fix. What I have realized is fixing these little problems makes me feel better in the long run. 

So today I got to prepare supper (Asian Pasta Primavera from Chatelaine's Holiday Detox meal plan) on a free counter in a clean kitchen. Success. Side note, it was delicious! 


  1. I found a bag of onions in the DSEUS Office. Did you have anything to do with those?

  2. That is gross..and no I did not lol.