Friday, February 17, 2012

The 650 Day Totally Typical Weight Loss Challenge


Fun fact..Ontario has Monday off and calls it Family day. I’ll take it.

After a crazy busy week at work this past week, I am definitely in need of a long weekend. I also just went to a body pump class, then a body jam class, so now I am being a vegetable on my couch. I think that is a good excuse to not have any photo's in the post.

I started my day by checking out the scale. As much I have blogged about healthy living and my goals, I didn’t really go into details about my progress so far.  Right after Christmas with a strict no sugar diet I dropped 5ish pounds. BAM. The for the next little bit I kept hovering around the same number. I was weighing myself way too often, and I was hoping for a big change like that.And after a few weeks of no change, or going up a pound or two, I was getting frustrated.

This is a recurring trend in my life. And it is weird to me. For YEARS I didn’t even look at a scale. I had no idea what number I was at, and I didn’t care (that much). And I always estimated my weight 5-10lbs lower than what it probably actually was. Oops. But one thing was for sure, I didn’t know/care if on Tuesday I was 2 pounds heavier than I was on Monday.

So I decided for the past little while to not look at the scale. I know I am doing well with exercise and diet (yay!) so I shouldn’t have to look at the scale EVERYDAY. And it is just crazy to expect to see any major result when looking at the scale EVERYDAY!

I just kept going to the gym, and eating well, and then suddenly (within the past two weeks) I have noticed a significant difference in the way clothes fit. SUDDENLY I am no longer a size 6/8 like I was when I moved to Toronto, but now I can fit into a 4 again, like I was when I started university.  And after checking the scale this morning for the first time in a while, I am down 9 pounds from Christmas. Even crazier is that I have lost 18 pounds since moving to Toronto. I have 7 pounds left to get to my goal weight. 7. That is a very tiny little number. 7 is way closer than 25 pounds away.

I am saying suddenly because it does feel like it did happen overnight, but in reality this has been an ongoing process for almost 2 years. Almost 2 years ago I was walking to school, and I realized that I was out of breath from a 2km walk. This scared the beejezus out of me. After that I joined booty camp fitness, got a gym membership, and tried to stay in shape. Then after school finished, a year and a half ago, I started the first “100 day challenge” then I went on vacation and gained it all back, and THEN I moved to Toronto, did my 2nd 100 day challenge, and plateaued, and now FINALLY, when I have gotten to a point where going to the gym is normal (and needed), eating healthy is routine, and I AM FINALLY SEEING SIGNIFICANT RESULTS. So much for a 100 day challenge, I needed the 650 day challenge :P.

The kind of funny thing is that my goal date for my “goal weight” is the end of April, which is exactly around the 2 year mark of that day when I walked two km and got winded. Hopefully…no scratch that.. not hopefully…I WILL be on a beach in the South of France, healthy, fit and actual comfortable in a bathing suit, AND I WILL BE MY GOAL WEIGHT.  And I will totally be able to walk more than 2 km without being winded.

I think that people need to realize that to lose weight/get healthy in a sustainable way it isn’t going to be a month long quick fix, it isn’t going to be a week detox, and it isn’t going to be super easy. But the rewards of sticking with something, and trying again when you fail (hello NYC trip) is what makes it worth it.

P.S. And the crazyness in all this is that I’m just now in the “Normal” BMI range for my height. Stupid BMI. 


Anyone else FINALLY noticing results?? Anyone else kicking off the long weekend with pjs and Storage Wars??

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