Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Going to the Gym instead of Going to Morocco

I'm not in Morocco.

Work had a change of plans and now I'm not sure when I am going or if I am going at all...my bags are still packed just in case! Also, because I fit all of my stuff in a carry on sized suitcase, and I am afraid if I unpack it, it will never fit in again.

2 tiny bags, one weeks worth of business clothes, and 5 pairs of shoes...I win. 
So what did I do instead of fly around the world yesterday evening????? I went to Zumba. Good alternative. Zumba was a blasty blast and the instructor played 2 of my fav songs back to back. I then came home and watched some "Come Dine With me Canada" before heading to bed, and having weird dreams about going to Morocco. This evening I went to Body Pump right after work and now I am home watching some tv and catching up on reading some blogs.

On Sunday I made the cabbage rolls, in non-roll form (more like a lasagna). It shortened the very long process of making cabbage rolls because I didn't have to worry about perfectly boiling and peeling each leaf. And the best part was it was still delicious :). I made them planning that I would be away, and I am glad I got a chance to eat them!

So here I am cabbage roll casserole eaten, suitcases being unloved in the corner, thinking what else can I do that I wouldn't be doing in Morocco, and obviously blogging about my new years resolutions was the first thing on my mind.

So here is an update on the Fitness/diet goals!
January I tried the Paleo diet. For 1 solid week I followed the diet  solution program. From then on little cheats snuck back in. Some sugar here and there, some carbs here and there. Nothing major, and I consider a "cheat" on not a weekend being a piece of whole wheat toast...because I am crazy.  I am planning on trying this diet again, because the results I had were pretty awesome. And I definitely was not hungry on the diet, just eating copious amounts of veggies! And I am going to try really hard to keep work a No JUNK zone. I did slip on this about 2 weeks into January, and I want to go back to it. It was very empowering to turn down junk food I didn't want/need.

As for the gym/exercise, I have consistently gotten at least 3 hours of exercise a week, on average I got 4 hours a week. I have been way more consistent with the gym, and I am really enjoying it! Don't see that stopping soon!

And as for those 15 pounds..well if I keep doing as well as I did in January with the exercise and diet, I better lose that haha!

So if I ever get to go Morocco, I won't be sticking to any sort of diet or exercise plan, so for now I am trying to be as healthy as possible!!!

How are you doing on your New Years Goals? Anyone else have a suitcase packed with no travel  details?

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