Sunday, February 26, 2012

Waffles and Seaweed...but not at the same time!!

Sometimes you just have to eat pizza, and Waffles, and Chinese food, and...ok you get my point.

Why is it that when everything is going well with the healthy eating bidness, a week like this one happens. WHYYY!

I didn't make it to the gym at all due to various reasons and it is driving me nutso, and can't wait to go this week! And I ate all the stuff listed was delicious.

Case in point:
Waffles for Lunch!
Mike and I made waffles last weekend, and we found the leftovers in the fridge, so waffles at work was born. Included was some fruit and peanut butter and honey. Nom. Problem was it was super not filling for some reason, so I was starving for the rest of the day. My normal lunch of salad or soup may not look like much, but it actually is really filling!

This Friday I had pizza, and it was delicious. 

And Saturday I headed up to the Pacific Mall in Markham with my friend Jackie and her BF, and we spent the afternoon shopping, well mostly window shopping. Pacific Mall and the Market Village next to it "offer visitors a grand Asian shopping experience."  We had lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant, and good thing Jackie can speak Mandarin, I would have had no idea what we were eating :). We also had some dessert was kind of like pudding, but tofu, with a syrup, and it was super filling. 

It was a successful shopping trip. I picked up a french press coffee maker, some pocki and seaweed snacks, and a pretty dress! 
Random yet awesome
Pocki is a skinny cookiesque stick, with chocolate, if you haven't tried them before they are delicious. I finally bought a french press because I realized that I am not a good hostess if people who come over who drink coffee/I like a coffee here or there myself. Later in the day I bought timmies coffee, and I made myself I nice big cup of coffee today. It was delicious! The dress was 60% off..nuff said.

The seaweed is my new weird snack. I tried some snack seaweed with salt/pepper a few weeks ago, and bought some from the market last week. I like it as a snack because it is salty, and has nothing bad in it! No bad fats, very low calories, and pretty low sodium considering how salty it is. So after spending $1.50 for 12 little pieces at the fancy market...I found this pack at the mall. It was 400 pieces for 5 dollars. Way better deal! (10x a better deal, actually...I did the math. I am a nerd.)

And after all that fun, I came back to the apartment and immediately left again to go do groceries. This week Mike and I only spent 35$ on groceries..I think we are going to starve this week. Just kidding, we had a lot of stuff in the freezer to eat so we didn't have to get as much. To get back on track I am trying to eat really healthy this week, and go back to my normal gym schedule! No more waffles for lunches!

Anyone else buy things mostly because they are on sale?? Any one else crushing on seaweed?? 


  1. I only buy meat on sale or at Costco.mmm Costco...

  2. I think we are hitting up costco next week..there are a few costco worthy things we need to get! There was a funny thing on pinterest where a girl looks at a purse that is $50 and is like meh, and then she looks at the same purse marked down from 100 to 50, and she is like OMG I have to have it. I feel like that is me :P