Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends, Family and A Mountain of Laundry

The long weekend is over. Boo. But today flew by, and the weekend was fantastic!

On Friday after the blog post, I promptly went to bed. Good times.

On Saturday I got up and went to the St. Lawrence Market with my friend Brittany, and we spent the afternoon sampling food, and buying some veggies and elk jerky. That reminds me I still have some left (runs away to get a piece), it is pretty delicious! Then we transited back to my apartment, and then realized we wanted to go see a movie..over by the market. So we went back to the market, and watched The Artist. If you haven't seen The Artist I highly recommend checking it out. Very different than most movies, but good. Then we went and got some food, came home and made some salads, and Katie and Travis joined us for games night.

On Sunday Mike and I went to the Canadian International Automotive Show. Does anyone else think Canadian International sounds strange..anyway it was 5 hours of crazy crowds and lots of things on wheels.
This was one big room out of 5. This place is GIANT
It was actually pretty cool. My favorite part was the concept cars, and the eco drive test. The eco section was the emptiest and this made me sad face.
Where are all the peeps???
Then we came home and made sushi!

Prepping the table...love when we bust out the big table in our tiny condo
 We made brown rice before the car show, so when we got home all we had to do was a little chopping and some rolling
Carrots, fake crab, cucumber, avocado 

Final product! Sushi rolls and Edamame!
I just found edamame in the grocery store freezer. I may eat it all the time. I love the stuff.

I look like a child in this photo due to the giantness of the table. 
Sushi is actually not too bad to make. I have made it before, but googled to remind me what to do. It may not be perfect, but it tastes good, and it is 10 x cheaper than going out to eat!

Then we had to clean up everything, that wasn't as much fun!
Messy Kitchen
After sushi we went over to Katie and Travis's for another games night, where girls were victorious! Very good night :). 

On Monday (YAY LONG WEEKEND) we went to my Uncle's house where his wife was having a party for her sister. Her sister's baby was 100 days old which is a big celebration in Korean culture. We visited with my cousins, and we ate delicious Korean food, and more sushi. Sushi twice in a weekend is just awesome. 

After spending time with the family, we came home to deal with this....

Luckily it was all clean, so we folded and ironed, and put away clothes the rest of the evening. 
Moseby helped
I also started the process to make some Lentil Curry Eggplant Burgers for tonight's dinner. They turned out really good! They definitely weren't dry like some veggie burgers. We added a side of wilted kale with garlic. Healthy noms. Not as good as sushi though.

Anyone else have a great weekend (long or otherwise)? Anyone else think that laundry expands the longer it sits unfolded???

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