Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morocco on my Mind

Hey all!

So back in the day I talked about my job. I don't really blog a lot about my job, mostly because I do like to maintain some privacy, but some times work mixes with real life, and I have to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

So at work I am working on a project in Morocco, and I got a call on Friday from the Engineering Manager, asking me very casually if "Hey, would you like to go to Morocco on Monday" my response: "SERIOUSLY?" And then of course yes.

So long story short, either on Monday night or Tuesday I (with 2 other people from work) am heading to Morocco!!!

I will be spending most of my time in Casablanca in an office, doing engineering things, but maybe, Maybe, I will get to see some of the culture/city/market etc. It is going to be 18 degrees and sunny the whole week I am there, hopefully I will spend some time outside!

I am very excited, but because it happened so fast, I am totally not going to believe it until I am on the plane!

I spent last night researching Morocco, and learned some interesting things. Mostly that I need to dress very conservatively at all times because it is quite a conservatively muslim country. My young pale girlness draws enough attention in engineering in Canada, let alone in a foreign country! So today I went shopping for more pants (I normally wear a lot of skirts to work) and long sleeve blouses. I love spending money with a purpose!! And now I have a new work wardrobe! I also bought a whole bunch of travel stuff, I love miniature version of things!!

And in honour of my trip, tonight I made a Moroccan inspired meal from a recipe I found on Pinterest, best part was I was planning on making it anyway this week..oooo physic meal planning!

Introducing Moroccan Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Quinoa Tagine (recipe link on the noms page):
Adapted from Here
Since I don't believe in having the right ingredients on hand (apparently) I substituted the harissa for curry paste, and I didn't have tumeric, cilantro (I used dill instead). I added more chili powder since harissa is basically a really spicy curryesque paste. Oh and I didn't have raisins, preserved lemons or olives. After all those changes it was still DELICIOUS! I topped with steamed swiss chard and plain yogurt.

And I'm off to PACK MY BAGS :D!

Have a good week everyone!!!

Anyone else get a passport renewed just in time??? Anyone else have exciting news??


  1. OMG Have fun, Kaylee! Please take some photos & share the experience with us when you get back :)

  2. Whoa, that is seriously awesome! Have an AMAZING time!