Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Day After Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day (one day late)!!

Fun fact, started writing this blog an hour and a half ago, and now it is almost time to get ready for bed...ooops. I guess having actual phone conversations with real people is more important than blogging.

So I get to keep it short and sweet.
Valentines Day is not really a big deal to me. I don't want/expect a 5 star restaurant/ bling/ fancy gifts etc. I think anniversaries /birthdays are WAY more important and special...and Halloween is already my fav minor holiday. But it still like the idea of valentines day, in all its pink hearty glory.

So this is what happened for my Valentines...well actually Valentines Day happened in four phases in our house...

VDAY #1- A week and a half ago:
So in preparation for the Morocco trip that never was (lesson learned, don't tell anyone/fb/blog about it until plane tickets are in hand) I thought I might have been away for VDay, so I gave Mike his gift ahead of time... I also thought he would find it and ruin the present.

So thanks to pinterest I found this cute idear:

The deal was this year to keep things under 5 dollars. So I bought mike his favorite snack food, and added a cheezey quote. Dawww

Mike and I have Chinese food for Vday. Its our own little tradition. This past weekend we ended up going to Manderin buffet and ended up eating a lot of food. Since 2 times Chinese food in one week is excessive, we made Manderin our Vday dinner with friends. Yay!

I arrived home on Monday to Mike in a suit and one of my favorite snacks:
Mike also cheated and spent more money..and bought me this:
And that brings us to yesterday...actual Valentines.

I had a sexy date with a French Wind Code and a 12 hour work day, while Mike was studying for a midterm. Super fun.

Anyone else like keeping thing simple? Anyone else have a sexy date with an Engineering Code?

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