Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Smattering of Things-part 2

Whole bunch of random today:

Firstly, I am not in Morocco yet. My bags are still packed, in case I do have to go. Having a weeks worth of clothes packed away and still having lots of clean clothes all this week means I have too many clothes. I think it might be pre spring cleaning time for my closet! 

Secondly, I have decided that I am writing the Professional Engineering Ethics Exam this spring. The ethics exam is something all engineers in training must pass to be come a P. Eng. And you need to have 4 years experience. I figure get the test out of the way, and just wait until the time accumulates.  

That all being said the test is 2 days after my birthday. The joys of having a mid-april birthday is that it is always exam time. I have not had a proper birthday shindig in a while, so I have decided that next year, when Mike and I are both done exams, I am having a GIANT CELEBRATION. You are all invited. Mark your calenders. 

Thirdly, I listened to a CD yesterday. It felt very nostalgic to actually put in a CD into a player, and not just turn on grooveshark like I normally do. The CD was Feist, and she was awesome!

Fourthly, Mike arrived home last night to this:

I have no idea how he got in there, and he managed to get out too. Silly cat.

Fifthly, I just went to body flow, and it was a great class. I can't go to body flow at my normal Thursday time for the next two months because of my ethics exam prep class, but that means I get to bust out a month long pass I have for HOT YOGA!!! In other gym news my body pump instructor is like 8 months pregnant, so that class is going to change soon. Perhaps I will have to completely rearrange my gym schedule. 

Sixly..speaking of the gym, in the gym I go to for body flow, had a poster for Molson Sublime beer in the locker room and it said something like "Count calories, and reps" and then today it said "If you are sick of seeing this poster congrats for sticking to your resolutions". Well played Molson...and now I really want a Sublime beer..curse you advertising!!!

Seventhly..once you get past thirdly, the rest of the numbers seem weird.

TGIF tomorrow! 

Anyone else happy it is Thursday?? Anyone realize they have never "properly" celebrated a birthday with fancy drinks and all??? 

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